Sunday, 8 June 2008

The keys to Boston's league best D

The Celtics' rise from second-worst team in the league to NBA finalist
How has a team of offensive minded veterans like guard Allen and forward Pierce, become the league's dominant defensive unit in one short, magical season?
Part of the answer lies in maturity:
In the off-season president of basketball operations Danny Ainge began to assemble a roster that put together nine players 30 or older including 32-year old forward Kevin Garnett, the Defensive Player of the Year.
The other part is:
D-coordinator Tom Thibodeau. Rivers needed him at the other end of the floor. "He keeps us intact, and the more we saw the results, the more we fell in love with it”, says Garrnet.
Thibodeau's defensive scheme is straight out of the Van Gundy manual: Keep the ball out of the paint, shrink the floor and contest shots.
The Celtics are committed to their basic man-to-man principles.
During the season the Celtics ranked No. 1 in overall field goal defense (41.9%) and three-point defense (31.6%)
The platform is built around the 6' 11" Garnett, who has been like Russell in shouting commands and guarding every corner of the court.
When your best player buys in defensively, then everybody has to follow.
Here's a quick video of Rondo talking about Boston's defensive strategy for LA.

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